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Sports Medicine & Performance

As an equine veterinary hospital that focuses on sports medicine and performance problems, most of our patients are western performance horses in the fields of show, rodeo, cutting, and reining. We’re proud to work with these athletes to ensure their ability to perform at their best.


A Family Passion

Dr. Buchanan started working with horses alongside his dad at a young age and knew he wanted to be a veterinarian early on. After graduating, he worked at his family’s clinic until branching out and starting Signature Equine Hospital, PLLC. This lifelong love of horses inspires our approach to care and influences every interaction we have with our clients.


Patient-First Mindset

We believe in doing the best we can every day. If we do right by our clients, patients, and staff, everything else takes care of itself. High-quality care and compassion are our priorities in every service we provide.

Whether we’re working with the best of the best in equine athletes or a child’s horse, we are dedicated to providing the same quality of care. A healthy horse is a happy horse, and at Signature Equine, we do everything we can to achieve both.

We’re proud to have a team dedicated to our mission of providing high-quality service with compassion.